Green Cigarettes Starter Kit are the perfect solution to your all-time goal, to quit smoking and now, you can actually stop the bad habit of smoking regular ones just by smoking it, because. Smoking e-cigarettes can be a lifetime habit that you don’t have to break.


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The revolutionary Green Cigarettes are here. Green cigs, also known as e-cigarettes, are smoking sticks that work like your traditional cigarettes, only better. It is equipped with: Rechargeable Battery - The Standard Battery is designed in a way that it can be used up to 250 puffs before it will need recharging. Heavy smokers can also choose the High capacity Battery, which is designed to last up to 350 puffs before it requires recharging. A Mini Battery is also available, specially designed for light smokers. Atomizer – This is built right into the cartridge. It functionally converts the liquid nicotine into vapor. The vapor in turn is the one inhaled by the user. Cartridge - It is the one that contains the liquid nicotine solution. There are four different levels of nicotine to choose from. You can opt to choose cartridges that have high, medium and low nicotine content. Users can also choose nicotine-free cartridges. Or better yet, choose a cartridge with a vegetable glycerin-based. Refill cartridges are also available. Say goodbye to Smelly clothes and hair. This is often the dreaded result of every tobacco-smoker. The foul smell of tobacco sticks to hair and clothes. It clings to bed sheets and curtains.

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This can be avoided by using e-cigarettes. Nicotine stains that attaches to the fingertips. It also makes your teeth look dirty.

Why suffer the consequence of tobacco-smoking

when you can readily enjoy the dirt-free e cigarette experience?

Green cigarettes, green earth e cigarette, green stick e cigarette, vapor stick electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette, vantage smoke ecig, green cigs, artificial. Foul tobacco odor. This is the harmful smoke from smoking ordinary cigarettes. Second-hand smoke is even more lethal, studies show. It is also fatal as asthma-inducing allergen. You should not allow your loved ones to be exposed to this. Green cigarettes are the ultimate solution. Ash and ashtrays. ‘Look Ma, no ash!’This should be the mantra of every cigarette smoker. Less ash and ashtrays means less mess. Green Smoke electronic cigarettes look and work just like the traditional, ordinary cigarette. However, it comes without the bad effects of nicotine, smoke, odor and ash. Buy Green Cigarettes for a 15% Discount! Purchase your green cig and avail of our special price. So what are you waiting for? Enhance that smoking experience. Quit your cigarette addiction. Turn your smoking habit into healthy, smoke-free and stain-free puffs. Vapor Cigarettes Starter Kit, we offer a 15% discount to those who will order now. Also Available with a 30 days Money-Back Guarantee. You do not have to worry if you find that electronic cigarettes are not to your liking. 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply return the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette within 30 days from date of purchase and you get your money back, in full.

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The Green Electronic Cigarettes, Difference When a smoker performs all actions pertaining to cigarette smoking, and sees the smoke being inhaled and exhaled, his mind releases positive emotions. E-Cigaretes Smoking electronic green cigarette mean going through all the motions of cigarette smoking without taking in the harmful effects of cigarettes. Psychologically speaking, smoking e-cigarettes and E Cigs has the same effect as smoking ordinary cigarettes. Green Cigarette offers a new and more satisfying smoking alternatives experience. Choose from any of the different flavors offered by Green E Cigarettes and let the natural high take its course. Order now to find out what the Green Cigarette rave is all about. Green Cigarette can be purchased online. Buy here and we will deliver it to you no matter where you are within the USA, for free. Green Cigarette, Greener Earth. A billion people, all smoking one cigarette per day. That equates to one billion cigarette butts per day. If we multiply that by 365 days, then that would mean 365 billion cigarette butts per year. Enough to form a mountain of cigarette butts. Imagine what three billion people smoking an average of five sticks per day would do to our environment. Soon, every portion on the surface of the earth would be filled with cigarette butts. You will love the Water Vapor Electronic Cigarettes!

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With the advent of electronic cigarettes, each one of us smokers can not only keep our smoking habit and maintain our good health; we can also keep the earth green. With e-cigarettes, there is no smoke to speak of that can harm our own body. People need not worry also about second hand smoke. Using electronic cigarettes would mean that pollution problems would be lessened or minimized. Furthermore, the earth can take a breather garbage-wise. Since there would be no cigarette butts in the first place, there would be less trash. Hence, all of us can help make our planet a greener mother earth. The New e cigarette starter kit.

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